How To Build Chest Muscle Safely

How To Build Chest Muscle Safe & Easily

How to Do Chest Workout

Wondering how to do the best chest workout? Here is how to build chest muscle.

Flat Bench Press: 

Start by lying on a flat bench with your feet stable and firm on the floor. Raise the barbell directly overhead. Squeeze your chest in the contracted position and lock your arms. Hold the bar for a second then inhale and bring it down steadily.

Incline Dumbbell Press: 

Lie on a bench with a dumbbell in either hand. Raise the weights and hold them at a shoulder width. Afterward, push the weights upwards with your chest. While your arms are at the top, hold for a second then start lowering the dumbbells slowly.

Heavy Dips: 

You will need parallel bars to perform this exercise. To start, hold your body above the bars. Then, lower your body slowly with your body leaning forward at around a 30-degree angle. Once you experience an extension, use your chest to bring yourself back to the original position.

Cable Crossover: 

Get to a cable crossover station. Start by placing the pulleys in the desired position. Hold the handles on each hand, step in front while pulling your arms closer together in front of you. Afterward, extend your arms to the sides in a wide angle until your experience an extension on your chest. As you exhale, return your arms back to the original position.

With the above chest workouts, your questions about how to build chest muscle will be answered.

When to do Chest Workout

How To Build Chest MuscleYou can do chest exercises once a week. However, if you are highly experienced and would like to gain big and incredible-looking chest muscles, you can do chest exercises twice a week. Most people prefer to do the workouts on a Monday when they feel energetic after resting on Sunday. This does not, therefore, mean that you should do your chest workouts on Monday. Do them when you feel you have the power to perform them. While doing your chest workouts, you should incorporate different exercises like; chest dips, incline dumbbell presses, bench presses, and much more. With these distinct chest workouts, try out different repetitions and see what works best for you.

If you choose to train once a week, you should do a hard and complete workout. Here, you will have to do exercises that work all parts of the chest at once. Also, you will need to use more sets and reps for great results. When you do it twice a week, you will have to split workouts in different days so that you can allow your chest muscles to recover. Since you have two sessions per week, you can work on the upper chest on day one and lower chest on day two.

Chest Pain When I Workout

Chest pains when working out your chest are not unheard-of. However, when you should be concerned? If did too many barbell presses as a beginner, you are likely to experience soreness in your chest muscles the next day. This is caused by a muscle reaction to the stress of the workout. This pain hurts to touch, move, and may even swell a bit. If you are experiencing this pain, you should cut back on the weights you are lifting. Take some rest depending on the severity of the pain you are experiencing.

If the pain persists, even after taking a break, you should see a doctor. Although this option is a rare one, it is good to see a medical professional so that your problem can be analyzed. If the chest pains wake you up from your sleep or require an increasing amount of pain medication, these are some indicators that you might have damaged your muscles or tendons. To avoid these chest pains, make sure to do a thorough warm up before working out. Stretch your muscles to promote mobility and increase your recovery. Besides, consume protein after working out to help in muscle repair.

This article shows you how to build chest muscle, when to do chest workouts, and how you can avoid chest injuries when performing chest workouts for men. Use the information above to build the chest of your dreams.

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